Soil Cal- Gypsum


Soil Cal - Gypsum

Calcium 23% + Sulphar 18%-Gypsum

Soil Cal – Gypsum is a high-quality, environmentally friendly fertilizer comprised of calcium and sulfur. With a composition of 230 grams of calcium and 170 grams of sulfur per kilogram, Soil Cal boasts powerful active ingredients.

Field of application:

Almost all types of crops. Soil Cal- Gypsum should be sprinkled during land preparation and mixed well with the soil.


  • The application of Soil Cal – Gypsum neutralizes the pH of acidic soils, thereby increasing the activity of soil microorganisms.
  • Soil Cal gypsum helps the plant to stand firmly.
  • Soil Cal gypsum helps¬† growth and spread of roots.
  • It increases plant resistance to diseases and insects.
  • It also helps in preventing potato rust disease.

Terms of Use:

Paddy 23-27 kg

Potatoes 40-45 kg

Maize 15-17 kg

Other crops vary according to soil fertility.


Read and follow the instructions on the packet before use.